Major League's Farm Team

Our Family, Friends & Relatives

Cyndi & Mac

At Major League we feed and recommend RAW -
Our food of choice is from Green Valley Pride

Mac is enjoying special love from Tony and his daughter
as they take a break from delivering their Green Valley Pride Pet Food

Christmas - Cyndi, Ellen & Mooky          A.J. & Red Hat Lady

Ozzie & Cyndi



Barbarian's Hippie Chick

   Havoc          Newman
          Ch Barbarian's Gunslinger        Vic's Hot'ern Blue Blazes

Grandma Hellen & Ozzie


Mac with Rozlynn & Cyndi
in Florida 2013

Hank's son Junior with the Moscosa kids

Junior's Mom - Bambina

AJ's Texas Fling...Faith

Ch Ironheart Trufaith's Reward

Gabby & Tuffy
Ch Ironheart Trufaith's Archangel    Ironheart's Bodacious Taff
      (AJ x Faith)

Grandma Mooky
Ch Luke's Rowdy Mookyblu Twilight

Jordi & AJ Singing with Cocoa

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